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Bulgarian Locatization

Bulgarian Website Localization


Any website

  • Evaluation of your site for cultural readiness.
  • Web Site Translation of your web files (html, cgi, asp, php, Java, C++, etc), to Bulgarian.
  • Create hyperlinks on your English home page to allow users to jump to their language choice.
  • Proper language coding to allow browsers to automatically recognize and display the correct language.
  • Localization of gif, jpg, pdf, psd, Flash, Shockwave or other graphical elements.
  • Translation of meta-tags to work with foreign search engines.

Bulgarian Software Localization


To handle the growing demand for high-quality Bulgarian translations of software and associated documentation, we have created a separate software and website localization department. We now offer an array of services to our end clients and localization agencies worldwide.

Our service includes:

  • Knowledgeable and experienced project managers who can carry the project from its onset to its successful completion.
  • Expert programmers and application testers who can extract the necessary sections for translation and localization (without harming the source code) and then recompile the application and test it to make sure that it is fully functional in the target language.
  • A pool of highly qualified translators and proofreaders who specialize in the given subject of an application and who will take into consideration the needs of the end users.
  • Professional audio/visual production facilities that use only highly qualified personnel such as professional actors and experienced technical staff.
  • Linguistic and technical consultants to advise on the product's specifications.
  • State-of-the-art localization tools. Our experts will choose the best tools to use for the application to be localized - each application to be localized must be analyzed and the best localization tool chosen. There is no one universal tool for all localization projects.

We will provide:

  • Internationalization/multi-byte enablement of code.
  • Localization of all source code resource files.
  • User interface localization (look and feel, layout, colors, etc.).
  • On-line help localization including screen shot generation.
  • Testing and ensuring accuracy of on-line help links.
  • Database translation and setup.
  • User manual translation, formatting and layout.
  • Testing the final localized product.

Graphics Localization in Bulgarian


Most formats acceptable
Graphics are a common and important element of most web sites. This can be anything from a simple menu button to an elaborate Flash based animation. Our graphic arts staff translates the textual elements and re-creates the graphics in Bulgarian language.

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