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Business trip escort interpreters
On site interpreters will accompany you during your business visit to Bulgaria and facilitate you communication flawlessly. Whenever you are traveling to Bulgaria, we can provide the services of a qualified Bulgarian interpreter to accompany you or your visitors on both personal and professional excursions.

Simultaneous (telephonic) interpreting
(rendering the speaker's words as they are spoken) - primarily for conferences, business meetings, presentations, guided tours, etc.

Consecutive interpreting
(interpretation each time the speaker has completed a sentence or a phrase) - used in conferences, negotiations, hearings, as well as in informal settings

Business Itinerary Development (all negotiable)

  • Arrangement of meetings with your Bulgarian counterparts;
  • Translation of documents in anticipation of your arrival;
  • Business correspondence with your Bulgarian parties;
  • Interpretation services during your stay in Bulgaria;
  • Meeting you in the airport and escorting you to the hotel;
  • Optionally, hotel reservations and other trip arrangements.

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